Coby Sey, Duval Timothy, and more contribute to new Richter Mahr compilation

The compilation is in support of Médecins Sans Frontières.

A new compilation from Studio Richter Mahr has been released. Free & Equal Vol.1 features contributions from Duval Timothy, former Crack Magazine cover star cktrl, Coby Sey, CHAINES, Hannah Kendall, Robert Ames and Ben Corrigan.

All profits from the compilation will go to Médecins Sans Frontières, an organisation working with refugees across the globe to provide healthcare and support in conflict zones and countries battling endemic disease. The Oxfordshire-based studio and multi-arts facility was built by visual artist Yulia Mahr and composer Max Richter, and is powered by solar energy. The pair describes the new facility as a space for “boundless creativity”.

On Studio Richter Mahr’s Bandcamp page, they wrote: “This title comes from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which begins ‘All human beings are born free and equal’. We forget that all the time.”

“Human rights are foundational to our work as artists, so it’s fitting that we mark Human Rights Day with the first record release from Studio Richter Mahr. Studio Richter Mahr is a place we’ve been dreaming of for the past 20 years; it’s a place where we can make our own work and also foster other creative projects.”

“The artists on this record are all people we want to hear more from – people we wanted to meet and experience their work, their world and their creative vision.”

We previously spoke with Coby Sey for our September issue, where he spoke about the political themes featured on his last project, Conduit. In relation to this, in the interview he reflected on the Windrush Scandal: “The government provided a public apology and the Home Secretary at the time resigned. There was a promise to reinstate British citizenship to those whose residency papers were destroyed…”, he explained in the feature. “But [the government] still continued with detainment, stripping of legal rights and deportation. I see these actions as backhanded, spiteful and lacking compassion.”

You can listen to the new compilation below, and donate through the Richter Mahr Bandcamp page.