Mica Levi releases new track Skunk Boy. via Dean Blunt’s World Music label

© Susu Laroche

The new track from the London-based musician, producer and composer surfaced online last Friday (9 December).

Mica Levi has shared new music via Dean Blunt’s World Music imprint. The short track, which clocks in at just shy of one minute and 20 seconds, is entitled Skunk Boy. and features guitar and vocals from the CURL member.

The new release marks Levi’s first new music since their latest work star star star – a collection of scores and scripts available as a 24-page pamphlet via Café Oto and published digitally by CURL Recordings. This included the piece Cities Flower, of which Levi shared two live performance videos from shows at Café Oto and a New Year’s Eve one at Ormside Projects. The cast for these performances included fellow CURL collective member Coby Sey plus other star star star collaborators Fred Bingly, Jackson Burton, Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach and performance maker Eve Stainton, for whom Levi has previously composed a live score.

Listen to Skunk Boy. below.

Levi – who featured on the cover of The Collections Vol. 3 – was sampled on Kanye West’s Donda 2 in February of this year. The track Security featured a looped section of Wanna Trap, a track composed by Levi as part of their Zola soundtrack – which we included in our Best Film Scores of the Year 2021 list.

Over this past year, Dean Blunt has put out a string of new tracks including London Tonight Freestyle – a collaboration with Skepta, A$AP Rocky and Novelist. His World Music label has also put out music from bar italia, including Miracle Crush which featured in our Top 25 Tracks of 2022. Additionally, NINA – who is part of bar italia – released the Dean Blunt-produced grandiosee earlier this year on the imprint.

Listen to an audio version of the cover story with Mica Levi below.