Radiohead set to “get together” early this year


The band’s drummer Philip Selway revealed the news in an new interview with Spin.

According to Selway, Radiohead are “going to get together at the start of [2023].” He also added: “I’m sure we’re going to start looking at other ideas for what comes next.” The band’s last album was A Moon Shaped Pool – released in 2016 – and the five-piece last toured together in 2018.

In the interview, alongside talking about his forthcoming new solo record Strange Dance Selway, discussed Radiohead’s Kid A/Amnesiac, a triple album released in 2021 marking the 21st anniversary of Kid A and Amnesiac. When asked if there are any reissue plans for Hail to the Thief – which celebrates 20 years since its release this year – Selway said: “We’ve been very focused on the whole Kid A/Amnesiac thing, and I think that’s coming to its natural conclusion, going back through the reissue and [creating] the game scenario around that.”

Elsewhere in the profile, the Radiohead drummer spoke about the much-discussed rhythm on Pyramid Song, detailing that “there’s actually a book coming out based on how to interpret the rhythmic flow”. He also spoke about Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood’s project The Smile, which also features Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner. “I went to see them earlier [in 2022] when they were doing their initial livestream shows in London. I hadn’t heard the record before that point. I just love the dynamic between them: Thom and Johnny, that was fascinating,” he told Spin. “Normally, I hear them play and I’m [seated] behind them, so to see it from the other side was fantastic. And then with Tom Skinner, whose drumming is incredible.”

“There’s always these amazing grooves happening — Tom comes from a jazz background and has all those jazz chops,” Selway continued. “I think there’s a particular dynamic between the five of us [in Radiohead], which I think we’re all so proud of. It’s developed from us basically learning our instruments together. But it’s such a healthy process when we step outside of Radiohead and reach beyond that, [when we] see what these other musical voices can do with your ideas.”

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