Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser receives honour with asteroid namesake

Elizabeth Fraser, the Cocteau Twins lead vocalist, has had an asteroid named after her.

Fraser’s label 4AD Records shared the news today on social media that the musician has received a celestial honour from the International Astronomical Union. The post also revealed that the name for asteroid 2013 TF19 has been chosen after ten years of dedicated research and the recognition serves as a testament to her influence and artistry. The ‘Fraser’ asteroid, initially discovered in 2013, orbits in space and does not pose any threat to Earth. It is not expected to intersect with our planet for millions of years. In order to observe the asteroid, advanced telescopes are required and NASA’s website provides the imaging data. 

Fraser is renowned for forming part of Scottish trio Cocteau Twins. Since they disbanded in 1997, Fraser has collaborated with select artists including current Crack Magazine cover star Oneohtrix Point Never and Jonsí. She also forms part of Sun’s Signature, which is a more recent project in collaboration with her partner Damon Reece.


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