Iceboy Violet commissioned for Mark Leckey’s Turner Contemporary exhibition

© Callan Dooley

The new group exhibition, entitled In The Offing, will take place at the Margate art gallery running from 7 October to 14 January 2024.

Turner Prize-winning visual artist Mark Leckey has devised a new group exhibition at Turner Contemporary which he has invited 11 emerging artists and musicians to take part in. Amongst the artists commissioned there’s Iceboy Violet and former Crack Magazine cover star Blackhaine – the latter of whom will participate in collaboration with Hannah Rose Stewart.

The invited artists will respond to the exhibition’s theme, which takes it’s name from the phrase ‘in the offing’. Dating back to the late 1700s, the phrase evokes the image of the distant sea visible from the shoreline and carries a sense of anticipation and foreboding.

Mark Leckey said: “Spending time in Margate, where the horizon is ever present, I found out the origin of the phrase ‘in the offing’ and its sense of the near future moving inexorably towards us. I wanted to see how young artists and musicians would respond to this idea of the offing, with its sense of promise and foretelling, of auguries and harbingers, of looking out to the horizon to see what is coming.”

For the forthcoming exhibition at Turner Contemporary – situated on Margate seafront – Leckey will participate both as artist and editor, blending painting, moving image, sound and light to create an immersive experience of both a gallery and a fairground attraction.

The exhibition will also include a new video commission by Leckey, inspired further by the social and political context of British coastal towns, and specifically Margate’s seafront amusement park, Dreamland. The exhibition is the culmination of a multi-year project.

In addition to the aforementioned commissioned artists, participating creatives include ANGUSRAZE, Lucy Duncombe, Theo Ellison, Ashley Holmes + Seekersinternational, Darren Horton, Lost at Sea Project, nakaya mossi, Charlie Osborne and Alessandro Raho. To find out more information about the exhibition, head to the Turner Contemporary website.

Last month, Iceboy Violet released their latest project Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion via Rainy Miller‘s Fixed Abode imprint.

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