Ableton announces Live 12, with new MIDI tools, devices and more

The new software update is set to be released in early 2024.

Today, Ableton has announced its new model, Live 12. The new version from the digital audio workstation introduces new MIDI tools, new devices and sounds. This update features MIDI transformations and Generators, enabling users to create a variety of MIDI clip variations, from ornaments to generative algorithms.

Additionally, the MIDI Editor has been enhanced for easier note manipulation and a Keys and Scales feature lets users choose a key and edit clips with scale guidance. The new model also introduces Tuning Systems, allowing work outside of 12-tone equal temperament tunings with Live’s devices and MPE-capable plugins.

Live 12, which is set to go into public beta soon prior to its official release early next year, also includes new sounds such as Meld, a bi-timbral, MPE-capable instrument. Plus the latest version of Robert Henke’s granular instrument – Granulator III – now has MPE capability. Other updated details will see improvements to Live’s Mixer, which will be available to use in Arrangement View as well as Session View, and a cleaner, more focussed view styling.

Speaking on the update, Simon Hayes – who is the owner of Ableton Live Product – tells us, “making music isn’t about being the best, or the fastest, or the most popular. As a musician myself, I know the struggle with these pressures all too well. The new things that we have added to Live 12 are about rediscovering the joy of getting lost in music-making, exploring new pathways, and somewhere along the way, finding your sound.”

Ableton is currently offering 20% off on Live 11 licenses and users will then be able to upgrade to Live 12 for free when its released. For full information and specs visit the Ableton website.