London artist mi-el teams with ZULI, Azu Tiwaline and more for Palestine charity single

© mi-el via Bandcamp

The debut production from the London-based DJ and producer is a self-release raising funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

Out today (3 November), from the river to the sea is made up entirely of vocal samples and was inspired by the “political, social and psychological power of chanting”. It’s been described as a “global collaboration” featuring the voices of 22 artists including ZULI, Azu Tiwaline, RS Tangent, Richie Ires, Sofia Del Carmen and more. Toumba was tapped for mastering.

According to statement, with the release mi-el hopes to “provide support, drive and fuel for those fighting for the people of Palestine, serving as a prayer that channels the electric current coursing through protests across the world”.

Check out the track below and purchase via Bandcamp. All proceeds are due to be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

Crack Magazine will also be donating proceeds from web store sales to MAP across the month of November. Learn more here.