Thousands of musicians sign open letter calling for ceasefire in Gaza

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The letter, set up by Musicians for Palestine, demands “an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid in Gaza, and an end to the siege.”

Since the open letter was shared last week (16 November), nearly 5,000 musicians have added their names in solidarity with Palestine. “The unfolding human catastrophe for 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza,” the letter outlines, “half of them children, is “a textbook case of genocide,” in the words of both the prominent US-based Israeli scholar of genocide Raz Segal and leading former UN human rights official Craig Mokhiber.”

“We cannot be neutral in the face of such injustice,” the letter continues, highlighting the 75 years of Israel’s military occupation and “system of apartheid against Palestinians” as well as 17 years of Israeli blockade and the ongoing seige in Gaza. “As musicians, we uplift the voice of the oppressed,” the signees add. “We unflinchingly condemn oppression in all forms, just as we condemn harming civilians, without hesitation, no matter their identity.”

The letter also states that they draw inspiration from Artists Against Apartheid, which helped to end apartheid in South Africa. “We refuse to let our music be used to whitewash oppression and human rights violations anywhere. We insist that all governments stop sending weapons and military funding to Israel and to any other state involved in crimes against humanity.”

“Today, we demand an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid in Gaza, and an end to the siege,” they write. “The day after, our vision of a just and peaceful future for all must be our most urgent task. We urge everyone who shares that vision to join us.”

The open letter has been signed by artists including Ben UFO, Bikini Kill, Dinamarca, Abyss X, Kali Uchis, Lucy Dacus, Kode9 and Primal Scream. Musicians such as Loraine James, The Blessed Madonna, Brian Eno, OK Williams, Youth Lagoon and Jamz Supernova have also pledged their support. Read the full letter here.