Jamz Supernova, Kampire and BADSISTA to feature in new podcast on DJ culture

Jamz Supernova © Ben Brook
© Ben Brook

The ten-part series will go out weekly from today (1 February).

Emily Dust has started a new podcast series called Dances For Buildings that focuses on celebrating the cutting edge of club culture. The DJ, curator and broadcaster will speak to guests including Jamz Supernova, DJ Paulette, DJ Kampire, BADSISTA, Roska and Bianca Oblivion to put together portraits of global club culture through exploring the guests’ careers, club recommendations and DJ tips and tricks.

Speaking on the podcast in a statement, Dust says: “A lot of dance music podcasts tend to cover the commercial end of the industry; these aren’t the only stories to tell. In this series, I’m refocusing the conversation to include more global and female voices and a wider range of genres under the umbrella of dance music.”

“It’s a hard time for nightlife right now,” she adds. “I hope this series also celebrates, documents and reminds us ofthe importance of scenes all over the world that make club culture so special.”

The first episode in the series – which is out now via all major podcast platforms – features UK funky DJ and producer Roska. Head here to listen to the podcast and find out more.