SHAPE+ announces showcases at Polja and şien festivals

The EU co-funded platform has announced two new collaborative showcases this summer in Serbia and Kazakhstan.

SHAPE+ has launched two more events for the summer, this time outside of the EU. The platform, which champions progressive music and audiovisual artists, will put on collaborative showcases at Serbia’s Polja festival at the end of June, and Kazakhstan’s şien festival in July.

With a focus on sustainability, rural non-profit festival Polja is organised by activists and artists alike. This year’s edition will take place from 28-30 June and feature a range of experimental music and art, striking a balance between forward-thinking attitudes and traditional folklore. Drawing in artists from different disciplines and countries, its line-up includes names such as multi-instrumentalist Iztok Koren and composers Amina Hocine and Anna Fišere.

Taking place from 4-7 July, şien festival’s programme draws in an equally varied collection of artists. Created by ZVUK, a collective from Central Asia focused on experimental, independent electonic music, 2024 will be its first year platforming the scene.

“A lot of interesting artists have recently emerged in Kazakhstan, both in electronic and experimental music and in the field of art and media,” the ZVUK team explain.

“However, that scene is very fragmented. We want to create a festival that will bring the scene together creating interesting future collaborations. Having this festival will help to bring our independent music and art scene forward. It will also be a breath of fresh air in conservative Kazakhstan. Our aim and goal is to build a place which is multicultural, open for everyone, regardless of background, sexual orientation, gender, curious about others, inventive while sharing ideas in different languages: music, art, technology, dance and performance.”

Visit SHAPE+’s website for more information.