Beverly Glenn-Copeland Transmissions
08 10

Beverly Glenn-Copeland Transmissions Transgressive Records


With the little attention span that we now have on a global scale, it’s imperative to find healthy ways to decompress from all the stimulation. Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s latest album, Transmissions, is exactly what you need to transcend to the next realm for a little over an hour. Let this transgender activist be your trusted guide with 13 out-of-this-world compositions that will instantly ease your conscience.

Each track offers its own form of meditation, Ever New speaking to the nurturing of growth while River Dreams touches on the desire to reconnect with nature. There are some hymns that lean a little too heavy into the tunnel vision of spiritual awakening like This Side of Grace and A Little Talk, but they’re sandwiched between songs where his soothing voice is the anchor that brings us back to our virtual reality. As the journey winds down, Montreal Main (The Buddha in the Palm) serves some good, old-fashioned funk before transitioning into the jazz folk closer Erzili. Prepare to come out on the other side feeling like some of your deepest wounds have been healed.