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Hinds The Prettiest Curse Mom + Pop Music


Based on their last tour, which saw the rambunctious Madrid band play in front of a banner that read, “Hi We’re Hinds and We Came Here to Rock”, you’d never guess Hinds were harbouring darker impulses. Still, their third full-length album sees them tentatively explore the flipside to their joyful and fuzzy garage rock.

Whether it’s dealing with mansplainers, feeling lonely on the road or experiencing the pain of a long distance relationship, the band reveals that being Hinds is not always the party it appears to be. “If I get sentimental, it’s ‘cause I fucking miss home,” they sing on Riding Solo. The four-piece also honour their roots more than ever before by singing in their native tongue, and they even perform a Spanish guitar-inspired lick on Come Back and Love Me.

The deeper subject matter doesn’t weigh heavy on the production, though. With help from producer Jennifer Decilveo, songs are tighter and more playful than ever, with whistling, bubbly girl gang vocals and the occasional fun sound effect, like the opening of a soda can. It seems that no matter how deep Hinds dive into their emotions on The Prettiest Curse, they can’t quite shake their jangly euphoria – and who would hold that against them?