07 10

Murlo Club Coil Mixpak


Club Coil marks Murlo’s third outing for Brooklyn-based dancehall specialists Mixpak. It’s a fine follow-up to the two previous releases – the instrumental Odyssey and vocal-led Jasmine – which featured the UK producer’s simple but distinctive blend of Caribbean rhythms, sugary synths and silky RnB vocals.

The six track Club Coil EP presents a cross-pollination of styles that’s difficult to carry off under such tight conditions: dembow (on Velvet & Rust) sits comfortably alongside a bouncy bassline workout on Moss and pulsating grime on Tired of You. But, ultimately, to try and define this music to genre categories is difficult, and to view the release as a collection of individual songs is just as pointless, as one track glides into another with glassy synths and weightless soundscapes.

Murlo fans won’t find much to fault here, and what’s on offer is arguably strong and accessible enough to pick up new fans too. With Club Coil, the producer still sounds unlike pretty much anything else out there at the moment. It’s a strong look for the Mixpak, as it continues to cement its position at the vanguard – alongside the likes of Equiknoxx and Swing Ting – of an exciting movement within the dancehall scene.