08 10

Sasami Sasami Domino


As a producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Sasami Ashworth has previously helped Soko, Vagabon and Wild Nothing flesh out their artistic visions. Last January, the LA-based musician finally resolved to realise her own, relinquishing a supporting role in Cherry Glazerr to go solo.

Sifting through failed relationships and missed connections on her self-titled debut, Ashworth’s lyrics are at once diaristic and intriguingly opaque. That delicate balance is honoured in the record’s skilful arrangements and deft use of dynamics. Gossamer- light vocals mingle with serrated guitar distortion on Callous, while the layered, Stereolab-style atmospherics of Morning Comes are juxtaposed with the naked simplicity of Devendra Banhart-duet Free. Meanwhile, Turned Out I Was Everyone is hypnotic dream-pop conjured from sparse drum machine, mantra-like repetition and a gauze of Angelo Badalamenti-esque synths.

It’s an understated yet deeply accomplished debut, and with it Ashworth has delivered irrefutable evidence that, creatively, hers is a voice that deserves to be amplified.