5 Very Unusual Merch Items

When T-shirts just don’t cut it.

We all love music merch. What better way is there to let people know you are definitely cooler than them than by declaring your allegiance to obscure bands and record labels? T-shirts, hoodies and pin-badges have always been the traditional way of conveying this information, however in 2016, these items might just not be enough to cut it anymore.

While the internet is one of the best places for purchasing obscure paraphernalia, it can sometimes be hard to track down what you want. Spending hours online is no fun, especially when you’re struggling to find essential music industry branded items, like say, neopren masks, suggestive silicon objects, airhorns, knives and ludicrously expensive beach towels. Well, fret no more, because we’ve got you covered.

Check out the aforementioned items below and thank us later when all your friends spontaneously combust out of jealousy:

Silicon Product by SOPHIE

Euphemistically labelled as a ‘silicon product’, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what this could be used for. ‘Skin-safe, odourless and tasteless’, this provocative object comes with a digital copy of London-based producer SOPHIE‘s latest album Product. Buy it here.

Embroidered New World Entertainment Neopren Mask by Posh Isolation

A menacing and futuristic nod to heath goth aesthetics, this mask by Copenhagen-based record label Posh Isolation is essential wear for anyone who wants to post anonymous diss videos on Youtube or look like a culture-savvy ninja while riding a Segway. Available here.

Airhorn by Zomby

Aside from starting copius amounts of beef on Twitter, London-based beat-maker Zomby also likes saying ‘Airhorn’ at the end of most of his tweets as a method of emphasis more annoying than hammering out dozens of exclamation marks. Now you can support Zomby and take up IRL anti-social behaviour with this actual airhorn that comes with his double EP out on XL Recordings. Purchase here.

Knife by Iceage

Back in 2013, Danish punks Iceage found themselves in hot water when numerous media outlets mistakenly thought they might be fascists. Their guitarist has a Death In June tattoo, a video emerged of some of their fans Sieg Heiling at one of their shows and their fashion sense borrowed heavily from skinhead culture. Selling knives as band merchandise at their shows probably didn’t help either, and while no longer available, these were also listed for sale on the band’s Bigcartel page, along with the option to buy an actual lock of hair from any Iceage member of your choosing.

Beach Towel by Minimal Wave Records

While a beach towel isn’t actually that unusual as a merch item, the price tag here definitely is. At $100, this towel from NYC record label Minimal Wave is a luxury item aimed at the more high-flying minimal electronic aficionados out there. Available here.


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