It’s 2020!

Out with the old, in with the new. Trim your follower count in favour of these aspirational, wondrous feeds. Of course, there’s memes too.

@newagecocaine / Instagram


There’s a vast array of design accounts on Instagram, but where @newagecocaine differs is its focus on seemingly limitless architecture and interiors. Ranging from surrealist, postmodern lipstick-shaped structures to new age Japanese designs – here’s one surefire way to fill your feed with wonder.



Back in November, former Crack Magazine cover star King Krule debuted four new tracks with the Charlotte Patmore-directed film Hey World! We’re anticipating new music from the king to land sometime this year. Take a look back at the artwork of his last release, The Ooz. You’d never guess how many times it could naturally be replicated. Note: This isn’t the cover.



Last year, Crack Magazine photographer Clémentine Schneidermann and stylist Charlotte James launched their brilliant exhibition It’s Called Ffasiwn at Bristol’s Martin Parr Foundation. For the project, James styled children in colour co-ordinating outfits, and Schneidermann photographed them against the empty houses and sweeping backdrops of South Wales. More than just a visual exercise, the exhibition was a community-building social project. If you didn’t manage to see the exhibition, you can view some of its images via this account: a collection of colourful photographs that use fashion to change the depiction of Wales.



This is exactly as the handle says – it’s people, but with small heads. Why? Don’t ask.

@dieter_ramsch / Instagram


In a design job where you’re required to work after-hours appeasing clients with difficult demands? This one’s for you: a “semicritical design platform,” a salve for the woes of graphic designers.


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