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Once best known as as a much-loved underground disco, tucked behind a black door beneath a noodle bar in Cardiff, Studio 89 developed a nationwide reputation as a space for self-expression: an intimate, bespoke party with an emphasis on glamorous minimalism.

Having since successfully expanded to a series of regular nights in London and Bristol, the collective’s latest venture is to harness their striking flyer art into a series of pop art-inspired prints. Designed in collaboration with artist Coke Oak, the prints depict icons associated with the S89 aesthetic, presenting Sade, Prince and Sylvester in vivid, tactile, luxurious illustrations. This initial run of three will be followed by nine more before the end of the year.

The team behind the project released the following statement:

Combatting a modern copycat culture of cut and paste poster designs, what was previously regarded as an art-form has become an uninspiring, text-heavy and computer generated. Working alongside a close friend and artist, we have so far during 2015 been creating original images to promote our events with references to pop art. Our events have always been heavily influenced in music style, aesthetics of classic NYC clubs from the 1970s such as Paradise Garage and Studio 54. There was a strong correlation between these clubs and the pop art scene and it felt like a very natural concept to reference. 12 pieces of artwork will be created throughout the year and will be exhibited for the first time in October as part of Simple Things festival, Bristol.”

Coke Oak’s background is in printmaking, having studied at Cardiff School of art and design in 2012. “I was approached by Studio before their final 3 parties under the noodle bar in Cardiff” he says, “I couldn’t really refuse. I learnt as I went along, and steadily got more confident over time.

“The ‘Pop Art’ idea came about in January when we were trying to think of a new direction for the 2015 posters. They came up with the idea and we all just spent some time refining it. This is me in my comfort zone, pop art is the way I naturally work.”

And with a range of prints set to be released over the coming months, it’s a creative collaboration that looks set to continue blossoming. “Studio have really welcomed me into the family, I now work really closely with them to get things right. We’re taking stuff to the next level.”

A limited run of prints are available to order at Studio 89’s recently revamped website at studio89music.net. Check out more work from Coke Oak at cokeoak.com

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