Gatto Fritto

UK artist Gatto Fritto – born Ben Williams – is devoted to the underground as both DJ and producer.

His experience behind the counters at record stores in London and Berlin has imbued him with a digger’s instinct for surfacing weird and wonderful sounds, which shows in his sets and productions that lean into a genre-free approach. It’s an ethos that has seeped into his own productions too, with imprints such as International Feel and Dissident providing a natural home for Williams’ analogue excursions. This month, Williams stepped up as curator of the first instalment of Love International’s compilation series, created in collaboration with Test Pressing. Entitled Sound of Love International 001, Williams has pulled together a tracklist of rarities – from pricey, sought-after vinyls on Discogs to 50p bargain-rack tracks.

For the 210th chapter of our mix series, the producer turns a mix that’s characteristically broad. Clocking in at over an hour, it submerges listeners with warm, uplifting textures before shifting to a more nocturnal mood designed for the ‘floor. Stabs of spangly guitars mingle with disco and alien strains of techno ebb and flow in a mix that captures a feeling that’s hard to put into words – other than it’s decidedly, recognisably Gatto Fritto.

Gatto Fritto plays at Love International, Croatia, 27 June to 4 July