Fire and brimstone from the Polish queen of gothic techno

Along with label-mate and frequent DJ parter SPFDJ, VTSS has quickly become the a flagbearer for tough-as-nails techno in Europe, epitomising the industrial- and ebm-indebted sound that has become de rigueur without ever feeling like she is following anyone else’s lead. We’re delighted to present her mix for Crack Magazine, as thunderous and relentless as any in recent memory and totally addictive in its energy.

VTSS made her name via the Brutaż parties in her native Warsaw where she was a long-term resident. The collective is something of an outlier in the world of Polish clubbing, pushing their politics of inclusion front and centre. Despite some pushback in Poland it has quickly become one of the country’s most renowned nights, winning international support from the likes of the Discwoman crew in whom they found a willing ally. VTSS has since been added to their booking roster. Recent releases on Haven as well as SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin have added further strings to her bow, with a further release on REPITCH, Identity Process, due for release in early July.

She considers herself a live performer first, with roles as DJ and producer following in that respective order. This could explain her favour of fast, lean tracks – the limits of gear you can carry on tour influencing her approach to DJing too. Despite the streamlined simplicity of the kinds of tracks she likes to play, much of VTSS’ renown comes from her desire and ability to switch up intensity and tempo with little warning, something she does often here. There is little let up, and by the end of the hour it’s easy to see why she is so in demand for promoters and punters alike with a liking for dark and glitchy techno.