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A lot of us spend a great deal of our adolescence daydreaming about fronting a successful band one day, but from the moment reality hits in the form of an unnerving letter from the student loans company, that Squire Stratocaster is probably destined to collect dust in a parents’ garage. 19-year-old Clementine Creevy, however, has stuck it out with her bedroom project-turned-full-time band Cherry Glazerr, who make scuzzy surf pop that often packs a sharp political punch. With the LA outfit due to release their second LP this month, we caught Clem in appropriately high spirits for our 20 Questions interview.

What was your favourite cartoon when you were a kid?
The Powerpuff Girls. I was obsessed with Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles equally. And Mojo Jojo was a very hilarious villain. I love the fact his brain would pop out his helmet when he got really mad.

Who’s your favourite memberof Slipknot?
The drummer was always awesome.

Who’s your favourite person to follow on Instagram?
My roommate, she’s a fucking badass.

Have you ever had a nickname?
My cousin Carm calls me Lemon. Sometimes people call me Clam. People call me Clammy, and my mom calls me Clemmers.

What’s your signature recipe?
I’m a terrible cook.

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?
Fame is relative. Fame shmame… My mom.

What book are you reading?
I read a lot. I just read The Circle by David Eggers, then I read Naked by David Sedaris and now I’m reading The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Would you recommend it?
I’ve just started The Left Hand of Darkness, so Naked is more fresh in my mind. David Sedaris is a great American comedian. Naked is this collection of very funny, very heartfelt short stories about his youth that just fill you with light and love. Like if you’re feeling down, just read some fucking Sedaris!

That’s a strong endorsement. They could quote it on the cover of the book.
“If you’re feeling down, just read some fucking Sedaris.” Yeah I love that!


“People in London start drinking immediately after work then they’re shit-faced by nine. When does anybody even get dinner?”

Describe the worst haircut you’ve ever had…
Like every young child, I tried to cut my bangs with a pair of big kitchen scissors, and you can only imagine how that turned out.

Have you ever taken acid?
Only once, and I can’t wait to take it again. I had a wonderful time.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
I feel very privileged to have Cherry Glazerr as my first job, if you could even call it that.

What’s your favourite drunken snack?
There’s a lot of great taco trucks in LA that I tend to go to when I’m plastered. Tacos Arizas on Logan and Sunset, they have these like pickled onions I like to put on the tacos.

If you could pick a surrogate grandparent, who would it be?
Mike Watt. Or maybe Buzzo from Melvins. Mike Watt would be better. If you had to bring Buzz round for Christmas, I think he’d kind of kill the vibe. Yeah, I think that’s an accurate assumption!

Maybe the standard for streetfood in America is generally higher than the UK.
I’ve had some garbage in Camden for sure. I might be generalising here, but I was in London for like a month a few years ago working for this music management company, and I remember how everyone works from like 7am until 6pm, and then they go out and start drinking immediately after work and then they’re shit-faced by like nine, and then you can’t get food anywhere. When does anybody even get dinner? Do they stop by Camden and get some questionable meat on the way to their flat?

Yes, that’s part of the culture.
I love being out when it’s past 9pm and everyone’s wasted and it’s still sunny. That’s my kind of city.

Can’t you get arrested in LA for just being drunk?
Dude, yeah – you can’t even have open containers in California anywhere on the street. It’s fucked up.

Rate these actors in order of how much you like them: Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, Daniel Day-Lewis?
I’d probably say Danny Glover and DeVito as tied first, and then Daniel Day-Lewis as my second choice.

Is there a piece of advice you wish you’d given to yourself ten years ago?
I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about now just as much as I didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about then really. So no, I wouldn’t have any advice. I wouldn’t listen to me then, and I wouldn’t listen to me now!

Apocalipstik is released 20 January via Secretly Canadian