Selections: Kali Malone and Erik Enocksson

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

This week’s playlist is a collaborative effort from two artists – XKatedral boss Kali Malone and Stockholm-based composer Erik Enocksson. In case you’re not familiar with Malone’s work, her experimental compositions are comprised of acoustic instrumentation and textured sounds that demand attentive listening – think ambient music and drones or room recordings of pipe organ dirges.

Erik Enocksson, on the other hand, has gained a cult following for his work on the films Farväl Falkenberg, Man tänker sitt and Apan. The latter, released on Release the Bats and reissued on Posh Isolation, straddles the line between noise and death metal. While his sweeping film scores aren’t as minimal in its compositions as the work of Malone’s, where the two connect is their focus on sonic space and ambient electroacoustics.

This month will mark the world premiere of In Praise of Profanation – a collection of collaborative renditions of Malone and Enocksson’s solo material for the pipe organ, choir and electronics, performed with The Vega Choir. Ahead of the premiere, the pair come together for “a playlist of choral, electronic and orchestral works that have inspired our compositional process for In Praise of Profanation“. While they both work in different fields, what the two share – as shown below – is a penchant for cinematic, dark and moody sounds. Hit play.

In Praise of Profanation will premiere at Intonal Festival, Malmo, 24-28 April