Selections: Rebekah

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

Birmingham-born producer Rebekah has been DJing since the 90s, first tapping into the dance underground at the city’s Q Club as a teenager. Getting behind the turntables at 17, Rebekah has been steadily evolving her musical style over a string of loosies, EPs, and in UK clubs since. However, it’s after a series of changes – moving to Berlin, ditching the lifestyle of booze and drugs – that the producer started to realise her vision, which takes shape on her 2017 debut full-length, Fear Paralysis. An LP of dark, uncompromising techno, it sees the producer ditch the 4×4 template and tribal house grooves she’d previously been working with, opting instead for moodier shades that are more visceral and hard-hitting.

Now turning her hand at selecting a list of tracks for our playlist series, the producer comes through with a tracklist that’s distinctly her own. A gothic blend of heavy and pulverising techno that recognisably informs her style, this one’s for the long, dark nights. Plug in below.

Rebekah appears at Neopop Festival, Portugal, 8-11 August