Internet Explorers: Peach

Internet Explorers is a show where we dive into the browsing histories of your favourite musicians.


Do techno DJs like TikTok? How do MCs feel about memes? What does a musician’s favourite emoji say about society? Join us as we take a guided tour through the DMs, deleted searches and downright weird parts of the internet with some of the most Online artists around.


Having previously chatted to Aitch, D Double E and Saoirse, next up in the series is the Toronto-born and London-based DJ Peach. As one of the most exciting selectors around, Peach can frequently be heard on the airwaves and is known for her dynamic, and enthralling, sets in clubs all over. Listen to an exclusive back-to-back set with Peach and OK Williams here.


Edit: Jerry Dobson
Interview and Series Producer: Mike Vinti
Producer: Vivian Yeung
Creative Director: Benjamin Brook
Exec. Producer: Duncan Harrison