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Five Mixes You Need to Hear This Week

This week’s mix roundup won’t be bound by ocean, sea nor genre. Check out what we’ve plucked from the various corners of the internet

Mount Kimbie talk us through Love What Survives, track by track

With the release of the new album, we got in touch with the band to give us an in-depth look at the record, one track at a time

Wander Louisiana’s sombre suburbs with Suicideyear’s Julie’s Song

Check out our exclusive premier of the gorgeously tripped-out video from Suicideyear, taken from his EP Hate Songs, out on LuckyMe

The inaugural Houghton Festival didn’t miss a beat

Houghton Hall, Norfolk 20170810

How Cities and Memory built a soundboard of global unrest

We talk to the creator of the collaborative sound project mapping protest sounds worldwide

Pledge To Party: Percolate Open Air Reviewed

Three Mills Island 20170729
Shabazz Palaces

Turning Points: Shabazz Palaces’ Ishmael Butler

Theo Kotz calls the Seattle rapper to trace his journey from jazzy boom-bap to Shabazz Palaces’ trippy vision

Government Minister For London calls for Notting Hill Carnival to be moved

Greg Hands, MP for Chelsea & Fulham, has written to the Mayor Of London requesting Carnival be moved from a ‘major disaster site’

Red Axes review

Red Axes

The Beach Goths Garzen


Symbolic Use Of Light Technicolour


Black Origami Planet Mu


For Crying Out Loud Columbia

Denzel Curry: Miami After Dark

The Raider Klan graduate dissects his distinct, hard-hitting style and recalls the impact of coming up in Carol City, ground zero for America’s race protests

With a new location, Horizons Festival is looking forward

Arinsal, Andorra 20170326

Smagghe & Cross

Ma Offen