Hyperdub Takeover: Kode9

A blistering howl through Hyperdub founder Kode9’s sonic pallet, with footwork and other high-speed percussive tumbles forming the bedrock

Hyperdub Takeover: Proc Fiskal

The Scottish experimentalist skips and splutters through rhythmic structures, painting a sort of sepia-futurism with its warm, glistening synths and snippets of chatter

jessy lanza

Hyperdub Takeover: Jessy Lanza

Jessy Lanza’s mix for crackaud.io sees her toying with the idea of a laid-back set, soothing the listener with hyperactive percussion and pace by holding on to an R&B sensibility

Cooly G

Hyperdub Takeover: Cooly G

Our latest set is a live recording from Cooly G’s Audiophile party, with Hitman Hyper, Spinner G and Babyface on the mic

Hyperdub Takeover: Mana

Darkness and light wrestle for dominance on this ductile mix of hi-definition sounds from Mana

Hyperdub Takeover: DJ Spinn

To celebrate 15 years of Hyperdub, we invited the label to take over crackaud.io ahead of their panel discussion at Simple Things Festival. First up is DJ Spinn