Music / / 09.10.12


BERGHAIN 06 (Ostgut Ton)


It’s easy to lapse into journalistic boilerplate when talking about Norman Nodge: ‘Lawyer and family man by day, DJ and Berghain resident by night, the man seems to live the sort of ‘double-life’ more often seen in comic-book  fiction’. PR wonks LOVE this stuff. None of that really matters, however, if you just want to know what sort of music he plays.

The mix starts in tense and auspicious fashion, with a screechy and synthy ambient workout from unknown(s) Birds Two Cage before a brash, percussive shakedown from Oni Ayhun sets the dark but jacking mood that permeates the rest of the mix. Nodge knows how to guide the listener, steadily building up to bigger, made-for-Berghain tracks like Ctrls’ Socket by stepping-up through several, less-intense gears like Mokira’s Manipulation. He’s delivered what you might expect from a Berghain set: some nods to Detroit and UK techno, flawless mixing and sensible selections, a pounding peak somewhere near the middle and more melodic tracks towards the end. There is one slight curveball in Legowelt’s beautiful remix of Xosar, reminding everyone that Berghain music can incorporate melody (sometimes), but this is the lone exception to what is an otherwise pretty formulaic (if expertly crafted) big-room warm-up set for people who are already fans.


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Words: Robert Bates