Music / / 18.10.12




A 10-year, two disc retrospective of some of the most influential grime tracks ever! Fuck it, go on then. You can always rely on our friends over at Rinse to smash out the classics, especially when there’s a warbling bass line involved and some seriously aggressive mic action a’gwan, and this is a veritable party pack. Step up Wiley, Dizzie, Bizzle, JME, D Double E, Roll Deep, Boy Better Know, Tinchy (before he got big), Jammer and a host of supporting acts across 52 tracks of old (Lethal Bizzle – Pow), new (Faze Miyake’s remix of Magnetic Man’s Anthemic) and classic (So Solid Crew – Oh No!). Even Crack’s first dalliance with grime in the form of More Fire Crew’s Oi gets an outing on two CDs that pack as many smiles as they do ludicrous delivery styles. While the grime purist might wince hard at the inclusion of some of the ‘same olds’ that rear their heads every time the genre is mentioned, it’s undeniable the impact grime and these tunes has had on the urban music landscape. The fact it’s still in business after 10 years and the fact flat cap sales continue to soar is testament to its endurance. One of the most entertaining listens we’ve had this year.


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Words: Thomas Frost