News / / 22.07.16


Andrew Lagowski and Stephen Jarvis formed Nagamatzu in 1982. During their short career they only released a handful of tracks, erratically distributed on handmade cassettes and compilations. Their self-released debut cassette Shatter Days first dropped in 1983 but failed to make an impact on a large scale at the time due to their extreme focus on doing things their own way.

We’re proud to premiere Above This Noise a compilation of 9 songs recorded in the period between the release of two of their most sought after cassettes 1986’s Sacred Islands of the Mad and 1991’s Igniting the Corpse. These are tracks the band contributed to compilations and there are some previously unreleased songs on there too.

Dark Entries Records have unearthed these recordings and they’re putting them on 25 July this year on vinyl for the very first time. All songs have been remastered from the original tapes for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley and the vinyl comes in a silver and black sleeve designed by Eloise Leigh. Each record also includes a fold out poster with liner notes by the band’s guitarist and programmer Stephen Jarvis.

Listen to the collection of lost DIY cassette masterpieces in the player and grab yourself a copy of the vinyl from Dark Entries when it drops on Monday 25 July.