Sassy J

There’s no shortage of polymath DJs out there – most naturally find themselves heading up labels, club nights or else leading double lives working buttoned-down day jobs to fund their weekend pursuits.

Few selectors, however, bring such an all-encompassing sense of connectivity to their work as Sassy J. As well as running the influential Patchwork party in her native Bern, she also works across a range of visual mediums, illustrating record sleeves and creating her own range of clothing, all of which feeds back in to her adventurous and tactile style of mixing.

Sassy J’s sole physical release to date is a cassette tape for Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes label. Otherwise she channels her output in to her club sets and recorded mixes, both of which are delicately arranged to cultivate a certain atmopshere or mindset.

In her contribution to the Crack Mix series Sassy J winds through various shades of hazy funk, jazz and dubby house – idyllic late-summer listening.

Sassy J appears at Dimensions Festival, 25- 28 August