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This is Cue Points, a series where DJs get granular with current tracks in their sets, giving us the low-down on what makes them work.

Curating today’s list we have Mala, DJ and producer hailing from South London’s bass-laden streets. One half of the legendary duo Digital Mystikz (alongside Coki), Mala’s sonic tapestries embody the essence of dubstep culture. His self-owned record label, DEEP MEDi MUSIK, stands as a testament to his enduring influence.

This summer, Mala will touch down in Crato, Portugal to bring bassweight to avant-garde, community focused festival Waking Life. He will be joining an eclectic mix of talent, which includes u-Ziq, Drama, Lou Drago, Goldie & Medic MC, amongst a long list of others.

To celebrate, Mala invites us to traverse the depths of his musical psyche, from high-energy essentials to his favourite stripped-back remixes.

Aardvarck – Monkey See [DEEP MEDi MUSIK]

This is probably one of my all time favourites. I fell in love with it the moment I heard it. So original in its design, serious experimental dubstep.  No gimmicks.

I never mix this one in. Always start it from the top and more often than not, I let it run for almost the whole track before mixing out. Its arrangement is brilliant, offering so many interesting sections – I have to let this one run out to offer the audience the chance to get into its space and meditate in the zone. Eyes down!

Coki- Goblin [Ringo Records]

I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve played this record by Coki. Perhaps one of my most played records over the years. Released on Ringo Records, which was set up by Jason Goz at Transition who used to cut everyone dubplates back in the day, this record is a certified classic. For the tear out style we hear today, Coki provides the original blueprints. Unparalleled in my opinion. The minimal abstract intro charges up the audience ready for the drop.

When this one drops… one, two, three, sometimes four reloads. A room goes wild. People will bang heads, bang walls and lose their shit. Always a high point in any set. I love to mix this track after a vocal track, something by Flowdan, Riko Dan or Killa P – after countless experiences this creates maximum impact. An absolute monster.

Joker – Mad Night or Boat [Kapsize]

Anyone that’s heard me perform these last couple of years will know I love to finished my sets with either one these tracks. I did so for probably for about two years. Joker’s production is first class, his musical arrangements are cinematic and sonically his works are so colourful.

No matter where I play in the world – small dark basements, super clubs like fabric in London or festivals like Atonal, Dekmantel, Shambala or Glastonbury – this will 100% go off and leave the audience feeling energised and uplifted. It became a perfect way to close my show. Joker classics all day!

Sir Spyro – Topper Top (ft. Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann & Killa P) [DEEP MEDi MUSIK]

What can I say about Topper Top. I find it hard not to play every set because it’s that good. Still after all these years. Some tracks are timeless. Topper Top is one of those tracks. I usually play the Kahn & Neek remix, it’s a little darker and suits my style sonically. Plus the intro is dark and moody. The vocal collaboration between MC Stormin AKA Teddy Bruckshot (Rest in Peace) Lady Chann and Killa P is unstoppable.

Guaranteed at least one or two pull ups. First reload is usually when first verse drops. The second pull is when when Lady Chann takes over on the second verse. Unfamiliar listeners are not expecting to hear a female MC. She absolute goes in. So so good. This dub showcases some of UK’s finest MC’s, it brings high energy and lyrics to remember. Banger!

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Remix) [Kartel Music]

I didn’t really want to feature one of my own records in this selection, but this remix is pretty special to me and over the years I guess the audience have turned into somewhat of a classic. I love New Zealand Aotearoa. My first visit was in 2007, I felt right at home instantly. Fat Freddy’s Drop are so dope. I was honoured when asked to remix them.

When played at the right time, the intro makes this perfect to mix. I use it to transition from something highly energetic to bring the audience down into a more reflective & collective space. I think about dynamics when I play. Cut the bass and let the lead vocal from Dallas Tamaira AKA Joe Duke bring a deeper vibe. Over the years I’ve been blessed to experience real unity when the audience sings along together with this one. It changes the pace and energy of a room – mellow, melodic, pensive and straight up dubwise.

Mala plays at Waking Life Festival, Portugal, which takes place June 19-24.