Kahn & Neek

Being raised on reggae and dub before frequenting the dubstep rooms of Bristol’s drum‘n’bass rave scene, Kahn & Neek have always envisioned a moodier version of the hardcore continuum, twisting their influence without tainting its essence.

Outside of Kahn & Neek, the duo also produce under the guise of Gorgon Sound, for which their collaborative sonics fluctuate between grime and dubstep. Furthermore, the pair also double up as the co-founder and co-owner of Bandulu Records; just yesterday (1 October), Kahn & Neek appeared on a vinyl-only EP, entitled BANDULU 011, with label mates Hi5Ghost, Commodo and Boofy.

The crew feature on Kahn & Neek’s exclusive Crack Mix, too. Beginning with a snippet from Vladimir Ussachevsky & Otto Luening’s sound collage Incantation – a stunning piece from the 50s avant-garde – the mix is an amalgamation of frenetic rhythms, gloomy stylistic ambient and UK and US hip-hop. In Kahn & Neek’s own words, it’s “an array of different music we’re into, alongside some of the dubs that are currently in our record bags”. Listen above, and check out the tracklist below.

Vladimir Ussachevsky & Otto Luening – Incantation
Boy Harsher – Swing
John Lurie – Car Florida
Manonmars – Cherry
King Jammy – Sugar Me
O$VMV$M – When will we Learn feat. Rider Shafique
Muqata’a – Al Nateq Al Rasmi (Jalmud remix)
Lord Pusswhip – A Sinister
Manonmars – Br3323
O$VMV$M – untitled
BbyMutha – Serious
$uicideBoy$ – Meet Mr. NICEGUY
Ishan Sound – manonmars soundcheck flow
Stefflon Don – Westside Gunn
Boofy – Blank Canvas
Bengal Sound – Fortune
Commodo – Roxy
Freddie Gibbs – Set Set
Hi5Ghost – Talk Bad
Josi Devil – Misnakes
Ghostemane – Euronymous
Kahn & Neek – Chronic Despair
Drone – Light Speed
Jook – Flying Nimbus
Lemzly Dale– Go Away
Octavian – Revenge
Kode9 – Kryon
Chester Giles – Sweet Tooth
Ho99o9– Money Machine
Trisicloplox – Ache
Wetware – Social Contractor
The Sub Humans – Subvert City

BANDULU 011 is out now via Bandulu Records