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Returning with their first release in two years, Static Dress take us behind the scenes of their surreal self-directed video for new single, ‘crying’.

⁠Over the past few years, Static Dress have fast become an inimitable force within the new wave of post-hardcore. Proudly wearing the noughties nostalgia on their sleeve, the Leeds-based outfit provide a hurtling slew of metalcore riffs and screamo vocals that offer raw, emo catharsis with a healthy dose of theatricality.⁠ Combining indie, pop, emo and electronic, new track ‘crying’ both pushes their sound to new extremes and anchors it as their most accessible release yet.

On the making of the music video, the band’s vocalist, Olli Appleyard said: “Rather than focusing solely on striking presentation and the visual stimulation of colour and design, we ask the viewer to travel through multiple scenes, all with their own subject matter; guilt and battling with self-loathing, mass corporate manipulation, capitalist horde mentality and weapon”⁠.

Watch the video below.


Photos by Murry Deaves and Marilena Vlachopoulou