Turning Points: Adrian Sherwood

The producer, label boss and DJ recalls a lifetime working with dub’s most essential weirdos

Turning Points:

Since topping the US charts when she was just a tween, JoJo has faced her fair share of struggle in the music industry. She traces her steps to freedom with Anna Tehabsim

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Benji B

Benji B lives and breathes radio. Here he speaks to Oli Warwick to break down the steps which made him the household name he is today.

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Shirley Collins

Upon celebrating the release of a new album, Collins looks back across public betrayal and personal growth with Crack’s Duncan Harrison

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Slick Rick

As he prepares for his first ever UK tour, we caught up with Slick Rick The Ruler to discuss the peaks and troughs of his dramatic career

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DJ Semtex

In this month’s edition of Turning Points Duncan Harrison unpacks the landmark stages of DJ Semtex’s relentless grind

Turning Points: Altern 8’s Mark Archer

Altern 8 were arguably the quintessential rave act of the early 90s. More significant than…

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Flava D

Grime has always been a fiercely independent music scene, from Wiley selling white labels out…

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DJ Premier

Arguably of one of hip-hop’s greatest producers, DJ Premier’s story is one of ceaseless innovation and relentless hard work. Angus Batey spoke to him about some pivotal moments in his career