NYC Downlow launch online portal

© Martin Perry

The legendary queer party hosted by Block9 at Glastonbury share recordings, galleries and merch on their new website

Following the incredible news that Block9 and The NYC Downlow are taking their show on the road from 2018, we’re now going to be able to listen back to some of the best dance sets ever heard at the Worthy Farm mega-festival. Sets from other Block9 stages Maceos, Genosys & London Underground are available as are recorded mixes from the likes of Placid, Maurice Fulton, Fabio and Nick Navaro. There’s a serious amount of music here and with a lot more promised, it will take days to get through.

The featured galleries are full of examples of the debauched madness that goes on in that hallowed meatpacking warehouse, giving those who’ve never been an idea why so many set up there for the entire weekend. Capping it off, the clothes worn by the crew at the festival are available to buy, including the iconic VOGUE VOGUE POPPERS VOGUE tees and vests.

Proceeds will be donated via the charitable parent organisation The Downlow Radio. Benficiaries include Vision Africa, Human Dignities Trust, HIV AIDS Alliance and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Check the website at

(via: Resident Advisor)