Listen: Daniel Lanois – An Introduction

As part of Convergence Festival, prolific and celebrated producer and instrumentalist Daniel Lanois will perform a solo instrumental set at KOKO London on 22 March.

Lanois is a Canadian record producer who, since the mid-1970’s has left an impressive footprint on the sonic identity of American rock music. He’s worked with Dylan, Eno, U2, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris and a wide-ranging ensemble of other names.

Known and celebrated for bringing a textural experimentalism and futuristic direction to his compositional and production work, Lanois is deservedly celebrated as a legend in his field.

His solo work is where his skill-set flourishes. His most recent LP, Goodbye to Language uses only pedal steel, lap steel, and effects – creating a tonal landscape of intricate dreamscapes. To get a taste for his live show, Lanois recently performed one of the standout cuts from Goodbye to Language in his Toronto basement which you can watch here.

Get acquainted with the sound of Lanois through his own material and the work of others which he contributed to in the Crack-curated Spotify playlist below.

Find more information on the full programme for Convergence and tickets here.