Dean Blunt drops album, Hotep, as Blue Iverson

The mostly instrumental, eight track album is released under new moniker Blue Iverson

The former Hype Williams member dropped the album Hotep on YouTube yesterday (11 April), with a featured image of Lauryn Hill.

It’s not known who features on the album but Blunt has shared the tracklist in the caption.

Hotep follows up from the Blunt’s release of the video Who Shot Lucious Lyon? and track as long as ropes unravel rolex will travel.

You can listen to the album in the player above or download it here.

See the tracklist below, and read Dean Blunt’s conversation with Gaika.

01. Coy Boy
02. Soulseek
03. Nappytex
04. Brown Grrrl
05. Hush Money
06. Jenna’s Interlude
07. Brother Saturn
08. Fake Loathe