Watch an exclusive 360° video from Helena Hauff-signed band Blood Sport

Harsh Realm is released via Return to Disorder and is today’s exclusive premiere

Sheffield electronic provocateurs Blood Sport are back with their self-described sound of ‘aggro-beat’ – a blend of post-punk, afrobeat and rock pushed into new, noisy terrains. Helmed by Nick Potter, Alex Keegan and Sam Parkin, the three-piece band have released the new EP Harsh Realm/Boiled In Dust via former Crack cover star Helena Hauff’s label Return To Disorder. Their latest release follows on from 2016’s album Axe To The Root, dropped via Blast First Petite.

First forming in 2015, Hauff’s imprint was implemented to funnel her own material, as well as bring together her influences of psych rock, techno and underground sounds. It’s fitting, then, for Hauff to have signed the furious noise outfit Blood Sport, providing them with a platform to channel their explorations of rhythmic chaos and dance deconstruction.

We’re excited to be hosting the exclusive premiere of Blood Sport’s 360° video by guywuy. Designed to give viewers an immersive experience, Harsh Realm is a queasy, phobia-inducing trip with magnified textures of writhing insects. You have been warned.

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