Listen to the world premiere of Steffi’s World Of The Waking State via Crack Magazine and Bleep on Facebook Live

We’re excited to be launching the first instalment of .AV – a collaboration with Bleep where new albums are premiered in full across the world through Facebook Live.

Today (18 September) at 3 p.m. BST, World Of The Walking State, the third LP on Ostgut Ton from esteemed P-Bar resident, producer and label-owner Steffi will premiere worldwide via Crack Magazine and Bleep’s Facebook pages with a bespoke visual designed by tattooist and illustrator Laurie de Kok.

“It’s a journey, a story that tells a tale and it is a record that’s very intimate.” Steffi told us via email discussing the preparation for the stream. On working with Laurie to produce the albums artwork (above), Steffi let the sounds of the record inform the visual aesthetic. “I invited her for a listening session at my house and gave her a copy of the album to take home. I did not explain anything as words can hardly describe sounds accurately. I completely left things open for Laurie’s own interpretation and how she would translate my music into her visual artwork.”

In terms of her catalogue thus far, World Of The Walking State could be considered Steffi’s most experimental record and Laurie worked hard to create a visual accompaniment that captured the exploratory mood of her productions. “For me this was like watching a movie in my head, I listened with my eyes closed and let my brain form the images, surrendered to it,” Laurie says, “I have Synesthesia, which makes me see shapes and colors when listening to music and sounds. This is not a choice, it just happens naturally.”

Laurie’s artwork formed the basis for the .AV visual which will be streamed. In terms of transforming the still into a moving broadcast, Steffi and Laurie widened the creative circle, “We have such a creative group of friends around us with so much talent. Steffi and I asked Michiel de Vreede, a graphic designer who also did Virginia’s video Raverd, to join us in this process, knowing he would be able to translate the artwork into a .AV fitting to the album and the images.”

World Of The Walking State will be streamed via Crack Magazine and Bleep on Facebook at 3 p.m. BST on Monday 18 September. Watch the reloop below.

Pre-order the LP now on Bleep.