Watch the excruciating moment Tim Farron loses Lib Dem DJ contest to Daisy Benson

“It’s very Lib Dem to be the best and still not win.”

The Lib Dem Disco took place over the weekend, during which MPs and activists participated in a DJ contest on the first night of the party conference. While former leader Tim Farron was well received on the dancefloor with a set of indie hits – he ran through tracks from The Smiths, Duran Duran and the Strokes – he was closely beaten by former candidate Daisy Benson who played a set of disco tunes. Narrowly beating Farron with the popular vote, Benson was crowned Queen of the Disco.

Speaking to the Mirror, Farron said, “It’s very Lib Dem to be the best and still not win.”

This year’s Lib Dem Disco was its fourth edition. Another notable highlight from the night was when party activists sang, “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.”

Watch Tim Farron do his disco shuffle, and the moment Benson is announced as the winner below.

(via Mirror)