Jai and A.K. Paul release two singles from Fabiana Palladino and Ruthen

Paul Institute Shimmer

Paul Institute has dropped two new tracks: Shimmer by Fabiana Palladino and Hypothalmaus by Ruthven.

Written and produced by Palladino, Shimmer credits Jai Paul as a co-producer and features him playing the guitars and synthesisers. Hypothalmaus has been produced by Ruthven, with the track’s guitars fielded by A.K. Paul, who also co-mixed the single.

Both tracks will be released on seven-inch vinyl with the B-sides featuring instrumental versions. They’re currently available to be streamed via Paul Institute’s website for 24 hours.

Last year, the two elusive brothers purchased a former BBC discotheque in west London to house their project, and released Ruthven’s Evil and Palladino’s Mystery.

Check out the artwork for Hypothalmaus below, and listen to an exclusive playlist curated by Fabiana Palladino.

Paul Institute Ruthven