Crack Magazine and Call Super talk working with Objekt and formative clubbing experiences

© Kasia Zacharko

Recorded for Milan’s Radio Raheem, Crack Magazine co-founder Thomas Frost speaks to Joseph Richmond-Seaton (aka Call Super) in a podcast coinciding with the musician’s set at Turin’s Club to Club festival.

Beginning their on-air discussion, Call Super discusses his formative years. His father was a painter by vocation, and both his parents had received musical training, pushing him towards music and art at a young age.

As Richmond-Seaton goes on to explain, his upbringing in London was no doubt a key factor in the decision to devote himself to electronic music. He discusses formative clubbing experiences, where he snuck in underage to venues like The Drome (closed in 2010) and The End (closed in 2009). After attending his first raves aged 13, the city’s clubs allowed him to witness sets by the likes of Jeff Mills and Laurent Garnier.

Moving on, Richmond-Seaton describes his move to Berlin and how this led to the professionalisation of his musical pursuits. Whilst he has been creating music for a total of 10 years, it was ultimately through mutual collaboration with close friend TJ Hertz – otherwise known as Objekt – that he was able to fine-tune material to releasable standard. He elaborates on this working and personal relationship, explaining that Hertz’s technical focus and Richmond-Seaton’s creative energy have created a perfect synergy.

In the second half of the conversation, the topics of discussion are more wide-ranging, covering social media, music snobbery and the growing corporatisation of dance music, as well as revealing that the artist is moving to Mexico in 2019.

Listen to the full podcast below.