Listen to a conversation between Tresor founder Dimitri Hegemann and Modeselektor

This is Berlin: Then & Now, a podcast exploring the city’s rich musical past, present and future through the gaze of two unique artists from different generations.

Artists and creatives take time to listen to music, share ideas and play each other tracks with Sonos One Smart Speakers.

In this episode, club and label owner Dimitri Hegemann, the founder of Tresor, sits down with iconic electronic music duo Modeselektor.

Heggemann founded the nightclub Tresor, situated in the heart of the newly reunited city. He is also known for founding Berlin Atonal – one of the city’s most essential electronic music festivals.

Two other veterans of Berlin’s music scene, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary met in 1993 as school kids in the east of Berlin. The two bonded over their love for techno, which eventually found them taking weekly trips to Tresor, before starting their own parties, a label, and making music of their own as Modeselektor. By 2000, they had established themselves as a unique prospect in the city’s music scene with their high-octane blend of techno, experimental music and hip-hop, and have since taken their dynamic sound across the world. In 2019, they have a new album, Who Else, scheduled for release next month and an extensive world tour on the horizon.

Both Heggemann and Modeselektor have seen Berlin change a lot over the years, and in their own ways they’ve also altered the fabric of the city.  From hearing techno tracks like Ploy for the first time to celebrating lifelong influences like Planet Mu and Glenn Branca, in this podcast, they listen to and talk about tracks that are reminiscent of their experiences in the city.

Producer: Eliza Lomas
Videographer: Ben Brook
Music: Facta
Series Lead: Duncan Harrison