Watch the experimental Common Fate video from Berlin-based sound artist Jessica Ekomane

The French musician’s latest visual premieres today (20 February) on Crack Magazine.

Jessica Ekomane’s creative practice utilises sound as a transformative element, moulding immersive, mutable soundscapes. This approach is showcased on the artist’s latest track Common Fate and its accompanying video, which premieres on Crack Magazine today.

Common Fate’s visuals, supplied by German visual artist Kathrin Hunze, are an interplay of sound and space, pictorially mapping the track’s fluctuations with mutable 3D digital structures floating amidst a black background. Reflecting Ekomane’s interests in natural sciences and genetics, the visuals are comprised of organic shapes. A rapid-fire beat is portrayed as an oscillation of white dots firing in different directions, and polyrhythmic modulations of sine waves frequencies ascend into a crescendo of melodies.

Ekomane’s skills as an avant-electronic producer have been recognised by SHAPE Platform, alongside other artists such as Peach, Violet and Astrid Sonne. Run each year by a union of 16 festivals and art centres – including Berlin’s CTM Festival and Krakow’s Unsound Festival – SHAPE is dedicated to promoting emerging acts, interdisciplinary cooperation and creative experimentation. Previously, she has also served as a resident on Berlin Community Radio through their INCUBATOR programme and is currently the host of Open Sources, a monthly show on Cashmere Radio that fuses traditional music with contemporary, experimental sounds.

Watch Common Fate via the player above, and download a free remix by Montréal-based multidisciplinary artist Jesse-Osborne Lanthier.