Watch Santi’s evocative, self-directed video for Sparky

We’re excited to premiere the latest video from Nigerian rapper Santi, entitled Sparky.

Lagos-born musician Santi is on the rise. Blending breezy dancehall with R&B, Santi is an artist who blurs different genres to produce his own, idiosyncratic sound. However, music also isn’t the only creative element of the Nigerian artist’s craft.

Having acted since he was 10 before taking up music professionally at 16, his genre-bending sounds come accompanied by self-directed visuals that expand on the narrative of his tracks. It’s demonstrative of how the multi-hyphenate is an artist who holds the reins to his vision and utilises different art forms to craft his own musical universe. Having released the visual for Rapid Fire in November 2018, he now follows up with an evocative visual for his latest single Sparky.

All blue hues and oversaturated colours in a night-time setting, Santi stitches together different video formats with ease in a way that he fuses together different genres for the track. Beginning with the funeral of a boy, the narrative of the video centres around three women, and explores themes of loss, grief, rage and friendship. “Sparky is a film about consequences and the minds of different people and how small events lead to unexpected results,” he writes to Crack Magazine via email.

“I wanted to do more storytelling in visuals because it’s an important medium in which we can bring out various emotions in people,” he adds. “It was also key that we show everyone’s creative ability. From the cast to the styling, to the cinematographers, everyone came together and brought their own essence into it, and that is the beauty of Sparky.”

Watch the video for Sparky via the player above.