Forum announces line-up for debut edition at Funkhaus Berlin

Funkhaus Berlin

Forum is a new “event concept” coming to the Berlin venue on 30 April.

The night will host Richard Devine, Kamran Sadeghi, Samuel Rohrer and Enyang Ha in the cavernous space of Studio 1, while  late-night sets from TEXTASY, PLO Man & C3D-E, Christopher Ledger and com.poté will be held in the foyer. Furthermore, Moritz von Oswald is set to play a rare performance of his new live show Akklamation.

Forum is an event designed to host disparate genres and musical practices, with each programme focusing on the avant-garde, creative methods and innovation.

The night will kick off at 6.30pm (CEST) at Funkhaus Berlin and finish at 7am (CEST) on 1 May. Head to Forum’s Facebook page for further information, and head here for tickets.