Belgium’s Horst Festival launches open call for artists, architects and musicians

Horst Festival

The arts and music festival is opening up a series of creative labs across July and August to budding designers and artists.

With guidance from a team of international creatives, the projects will be built on the festival site, and Horst will stage its first ever labs on 13-15 September. You can apply here.

The music lab kicks off the series with coaches including Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson of Discwoman, Olaf Boswijk – the founder of Amsterdam’s Trouw – and local hero Lefto. This will be followed by a design lab, an architecture lab and three other art labs.

Horst Festival will be held just outside of Brussels, in a spectacular new site comprising several abandoned warehouses. The idea is that the festival and some of the artists involved each year will help to create features, some permanent, on the site.

The festival’s line-up includes Eris Drew, Mama Snake, Craig Richards, Orpheu the Wizard and more. Head to the Horst site for tickets and the full line-up.