Jai Paul returns after seven years with two new tracks

Jai Paul has dropped two new tracks, a website and released a letter to his fans.

The double B-single He and Do You Love Her Now lands seven years after 2012’s jasmine (demo). Both tracks are written, recorded, produced and mixed by the artist himself.

Furthermore, Paul marks his return with a new website. Featuring a misty, barren world, users can navigate their way through the virtual landscape to purchase merchandise and stream the releases jasmine (demo), DYLHN, Str8 Outta Mumbai, and BTSU.

His 2013 leaked album, now entitled Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones), is also available to buy online. Accompanying the download is a long letter to fans, in which he addresses how he felt about the leak and the police investigation that followed.

“I understand that it might have seemed like a positive thing to a lot of people – the music they had been waiting to hear was finally out there – but for me, it was very difficult to deal with,” he writes. “As things unfolded I went through a number of phases, but the immediate, overriding feeling was one of complete shock.”

“I felt numb, I couldn’t take it all in at first. I felt pretty alone with everything, like no-one else seemed to view the situation in the same way I did: as a catastrophe,” he adds.

“There was a lot going through my mind, but the hardest thing to grasp was that I’d been denied the opportunity to finish my work and share it in its best possible form. I believe it’s important for artists as creators to have some control over the way in which their work is presented, at a time that they consider it complete and ready.”

The leak, he says, also had an effect on his health. “On a personal level, things gradually went south and I had a breakdown of sorts. I was in quite a bad place for some time. I was unable to work and withdrew from life in general.”

The letter touches upon the Paul Institute, which he founded in 2016 with brother A.K. Paul. “Founding the Paul Institute has also been an important step for me in terms of putting stuff out there again and getting back to what I love. I wanted to create a positive environment that artists could be supported in and stand together through some of the pressures that can make this industry difficult to navigate.”

Listen to the 2013 leaked album below, along with He and Do You Love Her Now.