IICON, the new Block9 Glastonbury stage, is going on a huge world tour

IICON Glastonbury 2019 Block9

IICON, the 65-foot tall interactive installation, is going on tour after premiering at Glastonbury this year.

IICON, the new Block9 area stage, is set to go on tour after making its debut at Glastonbury Festival at the weekend (27-30 June). Block9 will be taking the installation on a world tour in Autumn 2020. The tour will include an immersive interior show, and according to Glastonbury’s official website, is “part gig, part club, part art installation, part theatre” and represents  “a completely new way to experience music”.

The new creation comprises music, art and digital installation into an impressive spectacle, and stunned after its takeover of Block9 East and Block9 West last weekend at the festival at Worthy Farm, Somerset. The installation is made up of an animatronic head with huge digital eyes, and is “about to become an international touring phenomenon,” according to Block9 co-founder Gideon Berger.

According to Glastonbury’s official website, IICON is “a pseudo-religious monument to the terrifying new realities emerging in our digital, post-truth age. This immense sculptural artwork and stage boasts a 6-point ambisonic sound system and is animated by state-of-the-art video mapping.”

Visit IICON’s website for details on the tour, and ease your post-Glastonbury 2019 blues with our review and photo gallery.