Worthy Farm, Somerset

Glastonbury is over for another year, and if you were there, chances are you’re feeling pretty fragile about it.

With the weekend heatwave warming up an already scorching line-up, the consensus seems to be that this year was one of the festival’s best so far, with Stormzy and Dave (and his new mate Alex) providing the biggest talking points. Naturally though, given the sheer size of the festival, even if you spent all day rushing from stage to stage you’re bound to have missed something. Don’t let the fear ruin your memories of the weekend though, we got Crack Magazine photographer Chris Cooper to share his highlights from the festival. Take a look in the galleries below.

Plenty of Crack favourites appeared throughout the festival’s three days with the likes of Janelle Monae, slowthai and fellow Bristolians IDLES stealing the show. An extra shout out needs to go to the stage production teams on site though for this year’s new Arcadia arena and IICON stage, both of which look more like constructions out of a science-fiction film than festival stages.