Maral is releasing a new mixtape via Astral Plane Recordings


Mahur Club is arriving on 26 July.

The next release for Astral Plane Recordings comes from Los Angeles-based producer Maral. The full-length mixtape Mahur Club blends “mashed out versions of Jersey club, reggaeton and dub,” as well as samples from the artist’s collection of Iranian folk, pop and classical music, and includes featured artists ABE, DJ Abosohar and Loris.

Mahur Club will be released as both a mix cassette version with extra material and as a free digital collection of individual tracks, arriving on 26 July. Preview track lori lullaby off the mixtape here.

Astral Plane Recordings has released records from a handful of new and notable experimental club producers, including SHALT, Chants and LOFT.

Check out the album artwork and tracklist below and listen back to Maral’s specialist mix of vintage Iranian pop.

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01. Mahur Club: Side A
02. Mahur Club: Side B

01. lori lullaby
02. joonie’s jam
03. avesta khani reggaeton
04. in this place (هیچ)
05. the empty edit
06. oi
07. lorestan reggaeton
08. setar shred
09. mahur club
10. so glad i found u
11. coy dub
12. don’t trip on your way down
13. (un)easy
14. try/again
15. the wind will carry us